Thursday, December 3, 2009

Planning a Beach Wedding

Planning a beach wedding?

What fun! Enjoy these great ideas for beach wedding themes that are as unique as you are! Beach themed dresses, comfortable beach design slip on reception shoes, cakes, invitations, favors and more...

Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular as people opt for less traditional, more relaxed settings for their big day. They can be much cheaper, less stressful, and just all around plain fun - for everyone!

Whimsical Beach Wedding Ideas
Do you love dolphins, sea turtles, star fish or mermaids? All of the above? You can come up with some great beach wedding theme ideas based on the creatures of the sea.
Your wedding dress could be mermaid style, ever so pale sea green. Weave pearls throughout your tousled hair. Have your "King Neptune" wear a white rayon shirt with a Hawaiian style lei of ivy and green slacks. If he is really into helping you with your theme, you might persuade him to wear the gold crown! I wouldn't count on it though! Your wedding party could be dressed in dark emerald green mermaid gowns and of course the flower girl would be the "Little Mermaid"!

Your wedding cake would be beautiful with green ivy and sea shells and decorations, invitations and wedding favors would be a breeze. There are oodles of ideas and places that offer items to fit this beach wedding theme.

Nautical Beach Wedding Ideas
If you both enjoy boating, consider a nautical theme. A simple, sleek wedding gown for you and a dark navy slacks and a nautical style shirt for him. Make your exit memorable at the end of the day by sailing off into the sunset if you have a boat.

Decorate with netting, anchors and colored rope. Use the same motif on your wedding cake. A small sailboat or a lighthouse would be beautiful as the cake topper.

Make your own "message in a bottle" wedding favors. Place a little sand and your wedding thank you note inside, cork it and tie a small piece of colored rope on it.

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Ideas
Nothing could be more romantic than a Hawaiian beach wedding theme! Just the sound of Hawaiian guitars can whisk you off to the island without ever leaving your home!
There is a gorgeous simplicity to your Hawaiian style white gown called a 'holoku" and your guy is "to die for" in the traditional white "wedding shirt" and white shorts or slacks. Very informal but very beautiful!

The wedding party and guests add color to the occasion with multi colored Hawaiian style shirts and sun dresses. The brighter the colors - the better! If you really want to experience the Hawaiian theme, go all the way with the grass hula skirts! The traditional lei and haku (floral neck and head wreaths) add simplistic elegance and flip flops or bare feet are definitely the order of the day!

Of course your wedding would not be complete without Elvis Presley's version of the "Hawaiian Wedding Song"! If you are too young to remember the movie "BLue Hawaii" it! The song is a Hawaiian wedding tradition and the movie will convince you that a
Hawaiian beach wedding theme is for you!

Beach Party Wedding Ideas
Now here is a beach wedding theme you can really let loose with! Totally informal, cheap, and relatively stress free. A sundress for you, walking shorts and a pastel short sleeved shirt for him.
The reception could be as simple as colorful beach towels or blankets spread in the sand and decorated with sand pails and sand tools. These will be especially useful for occupying the kids later in the day! Ask your guests to dress for the beach and BYOB - (bring your own bathing suit) you thought I meant beer didn't you? Some will do that anyway, without being asked!
Have a beach barbeque. Instead of dancing, have a beach volleyball game or a sand sculpting contest. In short, just let everyone have fun! As the day winds down and the guests drift home, sit back in the sand and enjoy the sunset. It was a perfect, fun day!
Caribbean Beach Wedding Ideas
How about the festive party atmosphere of a Caribbean style beach wedding theme? A
Caribbean wedding is the most joyous occasion!
You will be beautiful in a traditional white rayon crepe wedding sarong and your "mon" will be oh so handsome in a similar white weddingshirt. The wedding party and guests brighten the shoreline dressed in vividly colored sarongs, wraps, shirts and shorts.Floral parasols add a nice touch. Shoes are not required!
A Caribbean reception can last well into the night, sipping rum punch anddancing to the sound of a steel drum band playing Calypso and Reggae music. How about a "limbo" contest or a conga line? It'sparty time!
You may want to bring some bamboo torches to light the way!