Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your Worth a Million Birthday Party

Your "Worth a Million $$$"
party theme is a fun way to tell your Birthday girl or boy just how much they mean to you.

First get the right invitations for your Million Dollar Party!

Decorations can be
chocolate coins , Custom Hershey Kisses with Dollar signs on the bottom & $$$ confetti on the tables.

Large money "bills" on the walls.

Gifts can be wrapped in "money" wrapping paper. I found it At Party City.

Money themed custom candy bars used as favors

Gifts can be in theme as well. I found "money printed Shirts" & "money printed boxer shorts & ties". Cold hard cash is always "in theme" as well.

A Great Gift Idea is to dry out a plastic water bottle (put the cap back on)... cut a slit down the back & stuff 20 (or however many) single dollar bills in it. Then print on regular paper "Your worth a million" & tape it around the bottle. It is a Unique way to give money!

Candy center pieces are a great addition. Have fake bills & plastic coins added.

Green LIGHT UP ice cubes for a green punch or in drinks!

Green balloons & streamers.
Dollar sign necklaces as favors.

Food can be Appetizers or buffet style of whatever the Birthday girl or boy likes.

But don't forget to Decorate the cake in Money theme. Get a picture of a Million dollar Bill printed on edible sheets from any cake decorator.

Have fun with it!