Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Construction Building Theme Birthday Party

Construction / Building Birthday Party!

As the kids entered through the garage, they all received a time card and punched into the time clock and get their cards stamped. Make a box to look like a timeclock with a slit at the bottom... have someone behind with a simple rubber stamp to stamp the timecard. Then they receive their Home Depot tool apron or belt, a wood kit with tools that you can get at ToysRUs, 2 paintbrushes, a set of work gloves and a plastic hard hat with their name on it. Add Safety glasses if they are sawing or pounding nails.

Guests place the Gifts they brought in a wheelbarrow in the garage. Also, set up a fog machine, at any Party City or Party store, to blow fog into a long safety cone to resemble a broken steam pipe.

After clocking in, the kids can go inside and decorated their hats with stickers and receive a construction tattoos. Then either in the garage or outside, they can construct their wood project.

Next the kids go outside to play and have their choice of construction activities.

1. Make a wrecking ball from an old deflated basketball and spray paint it black. Hang up on the swing set or tree with a yellow plastic chain. Have a bunch of cardboard boxes that the kids could stack up and then knock down with the wrecking ball.

2. Make a maze in the backyard with dirt fencing and construction fencing. Curve a path that zigzags a little. Inside the maze, have a slide as an obstacle to climb over and a play area wi
th a construction site toy. Put safety cones throughout the maze. The kids love running through here and chasing each other.

3. Have 2 big appliance boxes that are set up on their sides, so the kids can crawl inside. The kids can painted the inside and outside of the boxes.

4. After the cake is served, the kids can play pin the safety cone on the construction site.

Get a construction theme truck cake that have construction trucks on top of chocolate dirt. Also fill a big toy dump truck with brownie pieces and mixed in chocolate rocks (like M&M’s but shaped like pebbles).

Serve the brownies with a plastic shovel.
Use a black table cloth with white masking tape hash marks that go down the middle to resemble a highway.

Each kid has a safety cone cup with juice. The cups are a big hit. Look at Party Stores. If you can't find them... "thermos' looking" bottles can be found at dollar stores too on the Water Bottle area.

When the guests leave, they have to get their time card and punch out. Pay them Wrapped candy bars with a money design & a “thank you” from www.candybarwrap.com
for working and give them their favor bag with a Construction Theme Customized Candy Bar.

For a favor, each guest ge
ts a brown paper lunch bag filled with the following: small tape measure, small construction truck (matchbox size), small flashlight and a little notepad with a construction truck on the cover. Most of these items can be found at the Dollar store. They also get to take home their safety cone cup, tool apron, play tools, work gloves, wood project and hard hat.

Have a few cut-outs of construction trucks placed around the room. Also have a few road signs (from party store) and put outside on stakes and around the house. Use caution tape both inside and outside the house. Safety cones inside and outside. Put brown work construction paper (the kind used when doing construction in your house) on the floor with blue masking tape, making a path in the room where you have the cake.

Printed invitations on regular printer paper and then used craft scissors to make a jagged edge. Glue the printer paper onto yellow construction paper to create a border. OR order these personalized Construction Invitations with your Child's name & party information already printed on them.

Here’s the wording:
Foreman ”birthday boy name” is turning 5, Which means there’s lots of work to be done, you see. The party’s at the Last Name Construction Site, Sunday, October 7th will be dynamite. Your shift begins at two and lasts until four, You’ll get messy, there’s lots of work in store! Cake and juice will be provided during your break. Each busy worker will be demolishing, building and painting, so wear your work clothes.

Please call and let us know how many little construction workers to expect from each family. All parents are requested to remain at the job site to monitor the progress of your workers.

Put clip art of construction trucks around the wording. Decorated the outside of the envelopes with construction truck stickers. Put yellow and black striped tape on the back of the envelope as a seal.

If serving other food …. “brown bag lunches” …. sandwiches, chips, an apple.
Bob the Builder or Handy Mandy can be incorporated into this theme!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Party Food Calculator

Party FOOD Calculator....
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The question of party food quantities to prepare for your guests is as old as hospitality itself. Party food planning is only a little trickier, though. As you will see, there are several different ways to look at it, but the main answer is:

1 Pound Of Food Per Person For Snacks

1 1/2 Pounds Of Food Per Person For A Meal

Those are averages figured in between the linebackers and the little dainties. We will break them down into averages for particular kinds of parties and party foods.

Appetizers: On average, your guests will consume 5 hors d’oeuvres per person per hour for the first 2 hours and 3 per person per hour for each additional hour. So for a 3-hour long party of 10 people, you will need to prepare about 130 appetizers, a little less if the party is to be followed by a meal.
Add the total weight of the main ingredients and use the 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per person rule.
Pizza: Adults & Teens… average 3 slices per person. Younger children allow 2.

Here is an excellent
large-quantity party food planning site you may want to refer to for company barbecues, weddings, etc.