Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holiday Gifts on a budget

This is really a hard task. Staying on a budget while finding great Christmas gifts.

How about a personalized Deck of Cards with your family photo. Sort of a greeting card AND a great gift at the same time!
Another terrific gift are soups or baking mixes in a jar. Heart4home has a HUGE list for gifts in a jar. Print out a cute label with cooking instructions... stick to the jar & VOILA ... the perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, friend & family.

Personalized Microwave popcorn at & as a special treat... slide in a Blockbuster or Movie theater gift card.

Wax Firestarters

These are great to keep in the car or snowmobile as emergency heat or a basketful by the fireplace.

#1... Newspaper knots. Take the comics for colorful knots or any newspaper.
lay out a sheet & roll or fold from one corner to the other. Tie CAREFULLY into a "knot". Don't pull too tight & rip. Melt wax (leftover broken crayons or any wax).... dip the knotted corner & halfway up the ends. Let dry. Add to an inexpesive basket from the dollar store or a thrift store. Lighting instructions.... just light the ends that don't have wax & set into logs.

#2... Toilet paper tube firestarters. take the cleaned off empty toilet paper tubes & using a paper punch... punch 3 holes up each 4 sides. Stuff with shredded newspaper OR strip shred all that junk mail. Stuff the tubes pretty tight with the paper. Melt wax (crayon pieces or clear) & lay paper tubes in (making sure they are totally submerged in wax).
Let soak in wax for a few min. Take out with tongs & put on a cooling rack to drain & dry. Put wax paper or foil under rack to catch excess was. Light & add to logs. For Emergency heat... these will stay burning for about 20 min. So keeping in a car during the winter is a great idea.

#3 ... Pinecone firestarters. I use a little candle scent for this... get the disposable aluminum muffin tins from dollar store... Lightly spray with spray oil like Pam. Melt wax & add scent and color (optional) Cut a 2 or 3 inch piece of candle wick & set in tin with a pine cone. Pour in wax, let cool & pop out of tin. Fill a basket for a beautiful decoration at the fireplace. Just set a firestarter on top of log & light. Melting wax will scent the room & keep the logs burning.

Gifts for kids...
Chunky Rainbow Crayons:
Have lots of crayon stubs that are too small to hold on to? Don't throw them out! You can use them to create big, chunky crayons. Ask a local school, daycare or church for broken crayons.

Here's How:
Gather up all of your broken crayons, and cut them into small pieces.
Preheat the oven to 150 degrees.
Fill the muffin tin or aluminum "throw-a-way" tins from the dollar store with a inch-thick layer of crayon pieces.
Bake 15-20 minutes, or until the wax is melted.
Allow the tin to cool; then pop out the crayons, and they're ready for use.
Candy and soap making molds can also be used to create fun, shaped crayons.

Duck Soaps

Purchase glycerin soap from a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels that melts in the microwave. add soap color & scent.

Rubber duckies at any dollar store or

Pour melted soap into molds or the disposable plastic sour cream type containers. Set in rubber ducks. Cool & pop out. Wrap in cellophane & add a bow.

So there are a few gift ideas that won't break the bank during the Holidays.

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  1. Bagels & a Holiday Cream Cheese

    Whip about a quarter cup or so of canned Pumpkin pie mix (Not pumpkin puree)
    1 or 2 pkg of plain cream cheese.
    Put into a decorative covered bowl or container. Add to a basket with a pkg of plain or raisin bagels.