Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrate the 4th of July

If the Fourth of July has become just another day off work, maybe this is the year to put a little oomph back into your celebration of our country's birth.

1: Throw an old-time neighborhood barbecue. Grill hot dogs, toast marshmallows, wave flags, twirl sparklers and sing patriotic songs. If you are having a Family reunion... get personalized Lip Balm Wrappers. Personalized Wine bottle labels too!

2: Visit one of the places where the urge for freedom simmered up and finally boiled over into the revolution of the 1770s. Hike Boston's Freedom Trail, follow Ben Franklin's footsteps through the winding streets of Philadelphia, take a boat up the Potomac to Mount Vernon, or tromp through the fields at Valley Forge.

3: Read the Declaration of Independence and try to put yourself in Thomas Jefferson's shoes as he wrote it.

4: Find a small town that still stages an old-fashioned Glorious Fourth and revel in it. Watch the parade, cheer at the speeches on the green, sing at the top of your lungs when the band strikes up "America the Beautiful," ooh and aah at the fireworks. If you can't find one, organize your own.

5: Have a costume party with guests dressing as their favorite characters from the Revolutionary period. Play music and serve food and drink popular at the time. You'll find recipes and inspiration in biographies and Colonial-era cookbooks.

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