Friday, February 11, 2011

Table Numbers for Weddings and Parties

Table Numbers...
After planning your seating chart and creating seating cards with each guest's name and table numbers, you may need to make table numbers to avoid confusion. These numbers will help your guests navigate to the appropriate table. Rather than a simple paper with a number on it, several options are available to display the table number while showcasing your creativity.

Coordinate With Your Theme
An easy way to incorporate your wedding numbers is to use the same theme as the rest of your wedding. If you are having a casino theme, place giant cards on the tables such as a jack of spades, queen of heart
s or the five of clubs. If you are having a beach wedding, prop the numbers inside a large seashell in the middle of the tables. For an Asian theme, paint a Chinese symbol in place of your table number or use a permanent marker to write the number on a Chinese takeout-style box. There are many creative ideas out there to give your wedding reception a touch of your personality.

Wine Bottle Labels.
... add your theme, photo or color to a wine bottle with the table number...
see Personalized Wine bottles and more to get an idea of how they look on your tables.

Take photos of the couple with a large white poster board & then add numbers digitally & put on cards or wine labels... see "Fun with numbers".

Don't Use Numbers
Rather than using numbers to distinguish tables, use other items. Print out words that sustain a marriage like hope, faith, trust and love. Place these words on the table as your guests make their way to table "faith" instead of table one.

Incorporate the couple's into the table numbers by making signs that mark where the couple went on their first date, how they met or where the proposal was. For an international flair, give each table a famous city name like Venice or Paris and place a miniature symbol of the city, such as the Eiffel Tower, on the table. If you are having a Hollywood glamor theme, use pictures of famous couples to denote the table names.

Illuminated Table numbers
This is a great DIY and VERY elegant!... illuminated Numbers

Seating charts should be added... whether they are small cards or an elegant poster on a wall.
This will help your guests find their seats. below is a list of a few beautiful custom Seating Charts.

Black & White

Navy & Green

Red & Black

Many more to choose from


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