Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wedding Themes - Vintage , Victorian

Many couples know that they want a particular kind of wedding, but don't know where to start, or how to incorporate that theme into their wedding. For the next few days, check out these themes to see if any of them feel like the right sort of wedding for you, then use them as a start for your own ideas.

For those who love velvet and lace, old-fashioned sensibility, have a wedding from the 19th century. The Victorian Wedding

Think ruffles, bows and lace. has a bunch of ideas for Victorian brides. Consider wearing an antique wedding dress, or a reproduction.
Since Queen Victoria wore a long lace veil at her wedding, almost every bride in that era followed her fashion. Through the centuries, brides have always worn some form of headdress. Of all bridal customs and traditions, wearing a circlet, wreath or coronet of flowers or greenery on the head is the one that seems to best represent the bridal legend, and be the most consistent.

Also comfortable Reception shoes are a great addition. Stay in fashion when you want to change from high heals or vintage boots, to a flat fashionable reception slip on shoe.

Special Vintage Jewelry is always a special detail for brides & bridesmaids. Brooches, Earrings, Necklaces & more.

Men should wear a tailcoat. They may also wear a top hat, if really want to go the whole 9 yards.

MENU: For a more informal wedding, the Sunday tea dance with petit fours, scones, and fresh fruit is ideal. For a formal wedding, follow the tips for a traditional formal wedding.Vintage design Custom Wine labels are also a detail you do not want to forget. Rent movies such as The Age of Innocence for inspiration.

INVITATIONS: For a formal wedding, have a beautiful embossed border on the edge of your invitation. Ideally the writing should be engraved, and the text should be as formal as possible. For a more casual wedding, consider these illustrated cards. Or, design your own invitations with a favorite Victorian love poem.

FAVORS: Consider a cracker like the ones popular at holiday time. They were invented in the Victorian era; they open with a snap and usually contain a joke and a small prize in them. These crackers can be filled with a trinket appropriate to budget and personality. Also, especially for a daytime wedding, consider a folding paper fan printed with a beautiful poem and your wedding date. Chocolate bar favors with a vintage design or lace design would a beautiful addition to the table settings.

FLOWERS: Pay special attention to the meaning of flowers. Consider carrying a tussy mussy. Your flower girls might carry pomanders.


  1. Oh, what fun ideas you have here! They sound so special and so especially romantic. Who wouldn't be enchanted with some of these wedding ideas?

  2. Great ideas, will be having my son and soon to be daughter in law check out your ideas and site

  3. I love Victorian styles. What a great idea for a wedding theme!