Friday, September 4, 2009

Get Organized for the holidays! week 1 "Declutter"

Getting Ready & Organized for the Holiday Season

Only about 15 weeks before Christmas! And its going faster than you think! Starting now... get the house ready, party plans done, gift & card lists ready to send. Start thinking about your Holiday menus & watch the paper for sales.

So for the next few days..... we will be listing a "1 week project" & as you go through each week, everything will be ready when "the big day" comes. Come Back each afternoon & see the next week's tips.

"week 1 project".... Organize everything & declutter the house.

Get yourself a calendar or special notebook & write each week's projects. Assign duties to the rest of the family.

Start slow, small and steady
Schedule 1 room each day & use the 4 box system

The 4 Box method forces a decision, item by item. Get three boxes and a large trash can. Label the boxes, "Put Away", "Give Away/Sell" and "Storage." Items to be thrown away belong in the trash can.

Take the four boxes to the declutter area. One at a time, pick up each piece of clutter. Ask yourself, "Do I want to put this away in another place, donate it (or sell it at a yard sale), store it, or throw it away?" You may not let go of it until you have made a decision.

Each day, take the boxes to the next room & repeat. As the boxes become full, put them away. Storage or garage. If you have several boxes of "donate" items, dump them in a large bag & call your local Thrift store & scedule a pickup. OR if you have time... take them to the thrift store so that you are not tempted to take things out.

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