Sunday, September 6, 2009

Get Organized for the Holidays week 3 "Cards & Gifts"

Part 3 of Organizing for the Holidays... Week #3

Now is a good time to start planning your budget for Holiday Gifts and getting Christmas cards ready to send.

Having this done early will REALLY keep you calm later on.

First... get your notebook ready & list all the people you will need to buy gifts for & another list for Card recipients.

Next to the "gift names".... add in a dollar amount to spend on each person. Then when you see things on sale NOW.... "buy as you go" & cross them off on the list when that person is finished. BUT STAY IN BUDGET! & Please use cash... Christmas gifts will end up costing a fortune in the end if you use credit cards & only make payments. Grandma's $10 gift will end up costing $20.

Save that Christmas bonus for all the things you need at the last minute.

NOW Christmas cards.... I am already seeing Holiday Cards in the stores. I buy the packs from the dollar store. If you get them now... write a personal note in each one, add any photos, address & stamp them THIS week. Save them to send out closer to Christmas.

Join us tomorrow for the 4th week of "Organizing for the Holidays"

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  1. Oh, my! I am way behinde the curve here ... nothing new, though. These entries are great reminders of things to be done ahead of time.
    thank you!