Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Organized for the Holidays week 4 "Party Planning"

Part 4 of our Organizing for the Holidays ...
Holiday Party Planning

Are you planning a Holiday Party this year? Well this week you will NEED that notebook!

* determine the type of party (formal, casual, cocktail, etc.)
* decide if you want drinks, finger foods, buffet, full meal, or other
* decide how many guests you would like to invite
* set a date, time, and place for your party
* determine a date by when guests must RSVP
* make a shopping list -- including small items like napkins and candles
* make lists of tasks that can be done in advance and those for party day.

* decorations, including flowers, plants, custom holiday candles and favors
* food and beverages
* other services (caterer, etc.)
* invitations and postage
* entertainment (music, DJ, etc.)
* tables, chairs, and other equipment rentals
* other miscellaneous expenses

This week start calling around for prices & pick up any non perishable items that are on sale.... keep all of this in your notebook because a few weeks before the party:

* put together your guest list and gather addresses and phone numbers
* get invitations
* purchase decorations, paper goods, and other supplies
* contract for any services (caterer, entertainment, etc.)
* plan your menu and purchase non-perishable foods and drinks
* contact any friends or family you want to help with the party
* address and mail your invitations
* pick out the music
* contract for any equipment rental (chairs, tables, etc.)

THEN a week BEFORE your Party: Everything should be purchased including perishables, house decorated, Holiday outfit picked out & cleaned and any last minute purchases. Also check with any contracted services that you have hired.

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